The used saddles make a come back

When you own horses, you are often faced with situations that require you to make important choices, so as not to affect the health of your horses. And the choice of their replacement saddle is part of it, since it is the cause of many problems.

The importance of the choice of saddle

There is always a time when the saddle of his horse requires a radical replacement, which is all the time maddening, because it is not an easy choice. This is certainly not the image of the choice of his pairs of shoes where we put the most on the aesthetic, here the goal is to play on the practicality, so that the horses feel at ease with. And in terms of practicality, there is nothing better to offer a horse than a saddle barely user, a saddle already run in by another, and that does not require any integration effort. Unlike the new saddles, which requires some knowledge of its pose and which could cause back pain to the horse.

Choose your saddle

As mentioned above, facing the choice of a saddle of horse, to look at this fine used saddle that seems to be the best alternative, whatever its budget. Really, whether one is rich or not, it is about the comfort of the horse and not the pleasure of the eyes of the man. But to choose your saddle, you should already know the race of the horse and determine its main activity, in addition to its frequency of use before choosing his saddle. In general, it is a question here of putting in comfort the horse, and the rest is only question of design and taste. As a result, it is easy for everyone to choose the size that suits them, the colour, or the different features that can be added.

Whatever his type of horse, it is always regrettable to neglect the condition of his saddle. It could very well cause both the horse and the horse to twitch.

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