Various saddles for various activities

Buying used french saddles that will accompany you for at least fifteen years is not easy since there are a lot of imperatives to respect in order not to hurt your horse in the long term. Indeed it is preferable as any good rider knows, to opt for a good quality saddle, where it would be necessary to count in the neighborhood of 1000 euros. However it is clear that this price range therefore implies quality but there are many prestigious saddles which have a price of up to 15,000 euros ... And not everyone can afford to put this price- there in a saddle. So to have quality saddles without breaking the bank or taking out a new loan from your bank, you can very well buy a second-hand saddle. But obviously with the massive arrival of horse equipment classifieds on the internet it is clear that half are scams and you will be wasting a lot of time rummaging through all the classifieds to see which saddle could match the size of your equine, not to mention the fact that you could very well be ripped off by a dishonest person who will strip you of 1000 euros without ever sending you a saddle. So instead of wasting your precious time, it makes more sense to buy your second-hand saddle on a professional website that offers the purchase of new or used riding equipment from the most prestigious brands. Regarding the saddles you will find for example the very famous brand devoucoux, forestier, voltaire and prestige. And it is also very important to clarify that the saddles are all as different as each other, with different styles and models for practicing specific disciplines.

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